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The Source

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All energy, can be called prana, mana, chi, qi or life source energy. We call this cosmic well of energy the source. It can be cultivated by breath work, meditation cultivating  quantum mindful presence. We can generate source energy from within and around us. We can  activate cleanse and transmute source energy from our chakras, […]


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After touring and teaching the courses in Costa Rica, NYC and Italy for  2 years, out tour is winding down. We will return to Ca to offer more workshops again. Source Energy has expanded to include  more classes and methods to tap into Source! Keep informed!

Dec 12, 2014: Special Wombn (birthdays)

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my birthday wombn 12_12_2014aa This months WOMBN is an intimate weave celebrating my birthday as well as Kerem Brulé’s birthday. Kerem is the beautiful goddess playing the didj during the last phase of Mika’s healing.. I invite those who feel called to join us for a loving warm outer/inner connection to your WOMB, the collective […]

July 6th, WOMBN: 2:30–6:30p, Coed

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WOMBN: Weave Recreating Rituals for Healing & Evolution Calling in Visionary Bravehearts What: Celebrating and Integrating Global Holistic Sex Education, Healing & Evolution. We all have a primordial connections to the womb. In the WOMBN, we are part of something grand, larger than ourselves. Here, we weave strands of experience with consciousness. Participants become passionately […]

Mar 16, Coed WOMBN: Weaving

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WOMBN: Weaving A SPIRAL AWAKENING, VISIONARY MIDWIVES & YONIVERSE PRODUCTION Beyond procreation and hedonism, what purpose does our 2nd chakra serve? We call in women/men: shaman, visionaries, healers, artists, teachers, students, grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters. Wombn also heals our fathers, brothers, sons and future lovers. WOMBN weavers and Visionary Midwives of all genders, let’s […]

Dec 29, Wombn

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Greetings. Calling Wombn weavers. We look forward to seeing you all this sunday 12p-430p. We have room for 4 more attendees~you may pass this along to any woman you feel resonates with our intention. There is a $100 stipend for your participation as this is an educational series being filmed. In exchange, you will participate […]

Calling Women: WOMBN

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FULL MOON WOMBN A SPIRAL AWAKENING and VISIONARY MIDWIVES PRODUCTION Calling women: shaman, visionaries, healers, co-creators, artists, teachers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters: we invite you to participate in a women’s circle of sexual rites and rituals focusing on healing, nourishing, enlightening and empowering women, Nov17, 11-6pm. We call in women from 21-80+ yo; women of […]

WOMBN: 2013 -2014 Monthly Series

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Join us in this ongoing group. It can be helpful if you come to them all, but there is no attendance requirement. This months Topic Sexual Rites & Passages: Recreating, Healing & Empowering We will share and release sexual memories, rites and passages including the scripts and programs that were presented to us and clarify […]

Enlightened Sexuality: Wombn @ CrossPollinate in L.A. 6/2/2013

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Creating “WOMBN: The Womb Chakra” and exploring and facilitating women’s role in sexual healing and sexual evolution; mentally, physically and spiritually. She will be discussing the importance of sexual empowerment, recovery from trauma, and defining sexual evolution and enlightenment and the implications for our children, peers, partners, local and international communities and OUR planet. She […]

Film Debut: Alchemy of Enlightened Sexuality

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Date: Friday, April 29, 2011 Time: 8:30 – 10:30 AM Presentation Name: Alchemy of Enlightened Sexuality Director, Dr Lisa Alchemy Devi AASECT’s 43rd Annual Conference Workshop Program San Diego, Ca

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