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Special workshop offering in Costa Rica

January 18, 2010  

Enlightened Sexuality: Tantra in Nosara

April 10-17, 2010

For anyone passionate about the sensual arts: lovers, learners, parents, practitioners

Sexual Energy Medicine and Taoist Tantra: learn how to activate, channel energy safely to heal your body

Kundalini and Chakra Tantra: awaken and balance the chakras and channel energy…kundalni experiences, pros, cons

Tibetan Buddhist Tantra: healing and opening the heart

Teen Tantra:  new paradigms for kids/teens increasing self esteem and empowering them

Sexual Healing, become a masterful lover: the sensual arts of breath, kissing, touching, loving, intimacy, healing, pleasuring, different kinds of orgasms

Shamanic Tantra Sex and Spirituality

Sex and global communities

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