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December 17, 2009  

Our workshops are designed for people looking to educate themselves, their partnes or their children on sacred sexuality, enlightened sexuality. They are also for individuals and couples ready to improve relationships, kick start their sex life or build on teachings they have already begun to practice. We have programs designed regardless of your age, relationship status or sexual orientation. Contact me for inquiries, or for me to design a course for your needs of for your groups needs. 760-484-77792

Wombn’s Group

Mother Daughter Group

Father Son Group

Men’s Group

Tantra I: Tantrassage

Tantra II: The Art of Touch

Tantra III: The Art of Breath

Tantra Teens

Prana Tantra

Tantra for Couples

Tantra for Womyn who love Womyn

Tantric Healing: Awakening the Healer Within

Earth Tantra

Planet Tantra

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