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Why hire a sensual arts coach?

December 17, 2009  

  • Learn better skills as a single person
  • Share this information with your women’s or men’s group
  • Raise your children and teens with a more enlightened approach
  • Give your children and teens the tools for self confidence to lead their peers and partners down a new path of sensual relations free from STD’s and pregnancy
  • Get off to a great start and set a good foundation in a relationship
  • Spice up your love life together in your long term relationship
  • Expand your awareness and skills in the erotic arts
  • Learn how to have profound, intimate & meaningful multi orgasmic 200% ” safe sex”
  • Heal emotional, physical and intimacy wounds
  • Cure premature ejaculation and vaginismus
  • Learn how to have many types of orgasms
  • Heighten your senses learning the art of touch
  • Have multiple meaningful orgasms and be revitalized by them
  • Release stress and learn to reset your body instantly
  • Improve your stamina and confidence
  • Nourish, heal, and open your heart
  • Energize, harmonize and integrate sexuality with consciousness
  • Tap into sexual energy for self healing, creativity, prosperity
  • Weave sexuality with spirituality
  • Cultivate the elixirs of youth and the laws of attraction
  • Experience profound awakenings & reconnect to yourself & your life’s purpose
  • Explore the elixirs of alchemy with your partner(s)
  • Revive your love, passion and awe for each other
  • Release blocks, “stories” of hurt, pain and resentment
  • Learn methods for prolonged pleasuring, deeply connecting & loving

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