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Free workshop – Tantra for Womyn Who Love Womyn

December 11, 2009  

Our free workshop was a great success!  Here are what some of the participants are saying about their experience:

“ I really appreciated the safe and loving space that was created. I came away with many insights from both the verbal sharing and the guided visualization. Thank you Alchemy, and all the other womyn in the circle :) ”  Violet

“ I felt so awakened on the inside during this meetup. The energy in the room from all the women present was both powerful and moving. A wonderful introduction to tantra. ”  Stacey


Join us for a day of cultivating the sensual arts

Awaken and nourish hearts

Incorporate the art of touch, breath, kissing and gazing

Heal wounds and balance energies

Awaken your libidos, passion and pleasure

Cultivate playfulness and ecstatic states

Expand your orgasmic repertoire

Weave spirituality and deepen connections

When: January 9th, 2pm to 7pm

Where: Sacred Sanctuary San Diego

Space is limited, please RSVP by January 5th to spiralawakening@gmail.com


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