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Tantra Teens

December 4, 2009  

Do you remember how you were introduced to your emerging sexuality? This workshop offers a contemporary holistic alternative for conscious parents and their developing adolescents that is in alignment with consciousness and mind, body, spirit integration.

This program was presented at the 2009 Annual AASECT conference for psychologists on White Tantra for Teens for CEU credit for LCSWs, MFTs, RNs, MDs and Ph.Ds.

Within the program there is time for groups to split up so that mothers and daughters and fathers and sons can have privacy. The program includes clips from Enlightened Sexuality, discussions, a power point presentation, exercises and a DVD/workbook. This program spans 2/hr sessions for 4 weeks and is $400.

We are offering this program for free for all parents/teens willing to be part of an anonymous research project. For more information, contact Dr. Lisa spiralawakening@gmail.com


2 Responses to “Tantra Teens”
  1. When is your next Teens workshop will start and were are you located?

  2. admin says:

    Namaste Marissa, It commences the first week in May. You may participate by attending and bringing your teen(s) (optimal), or webinar…

    This will be in San Diego, CA. If you come with teen, you can stay here as part of study for conference

    Please email me as well at SpiralAwakening@gmail.com as well to follow up with me and speak more of your interest
    Dr Lisa Alchemy

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