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Study participants needed

December 4, 2009  

We are currently recruiting for volunteers to take part in an anonymous 4 week study while experiencing this workshop at no cost.

We welcome womyn of all sexual orientations, races, colors, ages, and abilities.

Announcing an innovative holistic sexuality program integrating east meets west. This program is designed for i)women who have been traumatized, raped, molested, and who want to heal and release traumas on an emotional, cellular, energetic, somatic, cognitive level, ii)women previously diagnosed with sexual “dysfunctions” (such as dyspareunia, vaginismus, HSDD,) or with peri/menopausal challenges and low libido, dryness, or pain, and iii) womyn who have become disillusioned by meaningless sex.

Dr. Lisa, a sex educator, therapist, researcher and holistic health facilitator, provides a safe nourishing space for women to re-explore their bodies, practice the sensual feminine arts of breath and touch, and learn to weave sexual energies with love and spirituality and rekindle love, passion, vitality, and various forms of pleasure. This program consists of twice weekly sessions for 4 weeks. $795 per person.

Please contact Dr. Lisa for details.

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