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November 20, 2009  

___ Alchemy Close up 1aaSince an early age, I have been deeply inspired by the power of sexual energy and amazed at how people channel and express attraction and arousal. I have been on the path for five decades working with  and observing our living, loving and sexual practices. My experiences come from being a sentient being  and as a practitioner, spiral arts facilitator, sex educator and researcher, sensual arts coach and inspirational speaker. It is my belief that enlightened sexuality leads the way for us to view sex as SOURCE ENERGY; and the elixirs of life, health, vitality and ethical eros. It is my destiny to share Enlightened Sexuality and The Sensual Arts to other practitioners, educators, parents, couples, singles, teens and our children on the evolutionary path. We have come a long way as a civilization  and I am ecstatic about being part of the possibilities when we weave the immense power of sexual source energy with evolved and integrative methods, conscious intentions, compassion, and our rainbow spirits. I present “Enlightened Sexuality” and “Source Energy ” products to you with ethics, integrity, honesty, truth, compassion and forgiveness. Enlightened Sexuality or Source Energy groups I facilitate are for women, men , couple’s, mother-daughters, father-sons and the LGBT community. I look forward to the opportunity to present to you in the coming months all my work and findings.

Blessings as we all grace the paths,

Dr.Lisa Alchemy Devi, Ph.D.

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